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Catalyst Logistics - Supply Chain Consultants

Delivering high performance logistics networks

What we provide


Instant mapping of your logistic network – Build your own views of your supply chain, anywhere, any time


Powerful management tools – Full performance monitoring that helps you target and improve customer service and network efficiency


Sophisticated forecasting and event planning – Predict your future network workload in light of available capacity


Maximise efficiency – Revolutionise your transport routing, warehouse configuration and inventory deployment for dramatic performance improvement

How we operate

Catalyst Logistics applies a thorough, methodical approach to each and every logistics project. With our innovative LogiMap software and team of experienced, expert advisors, we are able to provide targeted planning, management and optimisation consultancy for even the most complex logistics networks. Our service incorporates the following steps:

Stage 1:Analysis

  • Initial network analysis and understanding
  • Rapid data take on and network visualisation

Stage 2: Assessment

  • Provide client web access to our powerful LogiMap software
  • Assess network KPI measures and performance
  • Identify potential supply chain improvements

Stage 3: Implementation

  • Implement network performance measures
  • Carry out supply chain optimisation

FREE Network Visualisation

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Some of our clients

supply chain logistics consultancy supply chain consultants for warehouse optimisation Vehicle routing, transport management and supply chain logistics
Drinks distribution logistics network optimisation
Forestry survey logistics optimisation
Drinks distribution logistics network optimisation
Consumer products manufacture & distribution logistics network optimisation
Electrical & electronics distribution logistics network optimisation
Construction materials manufacture and distribution logistics network optimisation
Oil and gas field materials supply logistics network optimisation
Food retail logistics optimisation
Express logistics network optimisation
Drinks logistics network optimisation

We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to transform networks and deliver performance. Discover the science of logistics – sign up for a FREE network visualisation today. .