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Logimap Network Planning Software


LogiMap is our innovative logistics network modelling toolset. It provides a powerful set of capabilities for analysing and optimising even the most complex logistics networks.

By accurately and accessibly modelling the interrelationships between distribution centres, transport links and inventory deployment, LogiMap grants complete control and understanding to clients. This allows improvements to be made which maximise efficiency and drive performance.

What is LogiMap?

LogiMap combines the extensive visualisation functions of the LogiMap Cube with the powerful planning capabilities of the LogiMap Modeller, providing total virtual oversight and customisation of networks as illustrated below:

LogiMap Cube

The comprehensive visualisation options provided by the LogiMap Cube include:

  • A "Control Tower" view of the logistics network for Supply Chain owners
  • Customer, Financial, Geographical and Executive views of the logistics network.

LogiMap Modeller

The LogiMap Modeller can be used to model and configure every aspect of your logistics network. It features:

  • Logistics network modelling
  • Industry standard database of network data
  • Comprehensive tools for the Logistics Analyst
  • High levels of configurability
  • Unparalled ease of use
  • Extensive mapping functionality
  • Modelling of Warehousing, Transport and Inventory facilities
Logimap Network Planning Software

LogiMap website

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LogiMap brochure

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