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Logistics Solutions

Our logistics consultancy service focuses on the three core disciplines of Inventory Management, Warehouse (Storage) Management and Transport Management. This targeted approach allows us to identify the key issues facing your business and implement effective, optimised solutions.

Logistics is a complex area, one which requires a keen understanding of the interrelated nature of logistics networks. As such, we take an integrated approach that examines these three disciplines in two key ways:

  • As interrelated core disciplines within a wider Supply Chain
  • As flows and interrelationships across physical logistics Networks.

By focusing on each discipline as a part of the wider system, we can propose improvements that bring benefits across your organisation. Here we show how the three disciplines work within the context of the Supply Chain:

Transport, inventory and warehouse management relating to supply chain management

The first step in any logistics project is to understand your requirements, collect data and model alternative scenarios. We then use our powerful logistics modelling tool, LogiMap, to provide instant, comprehensive visualisation of the network, allowing us to identify problems and implement solutions in each of the core disciplines.

LogiMap gives clients total visibility over their network, allowing them to manage all their logistics needs in one accessible package.

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