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Our Approach to Inventory Planning

Getting the deployment and control of inventory right is critical for your business. This means that you always have the right amount of stock to satisfy your customers, while not tying up too much working capital in excess holdings.

Striking the perfect balance can be difficult. That’s why we utilise innovative visualisation and management tools to ensure that our clients are always in full control of their inventory planning needs. This approach allows us to expertly optimise processes and deliver dramatic improvements in business performance.

Inventory profiling and process simulation used for inventory logistics.

What questions do we typically address?

  • What is the relationship between product numbers and units moved? – Using Pareto analysis
  • What profiles do products fall into? For example - predictable, lumpy, seasonal, growing, in decline etc.
  • How much of each type of product should be held in the network to achieve the expected levels of service?
  • How much stock should be held to account for variability in demand and/or supply?
  • Is an automated inventory planning system appropriate for your operation and, if so, which type would be most effective?

Our Methods and Tools

Our suite of tools and techniques allows us to model every aspect of inventory control and deployment. This then allows us to evaluate your operation and implement wide-ranging improvements. These tools include:

  • Inventory profiling
  • Process simulation
  • Analytical database

Inventory simulation and inventory modelling are an integral part of LogiMap, our powerful logistics modelling software. LogiMap provides clients with access to comprehensive visualisation and planning tools, so that they are able to manage their inventory planning needs with ease. LogiMap is also used by our consultants to assess and fully optimise our clients inventory operation.

For more information about specific aspects of inventory planning consultancy service, visit the following pages:

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