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Inventory Visibility

Your inventory is always in one of two states – in transit or at a storage location. In order to generate a clear view of your entire inventory deployment, it is therefore necessary to draw information from both shipment data and stock location records. When this is combined with historic or forecasted demand, you can calculate crucial inventory metrics including:

  • Inventory weeks cover as total inventory held / averages sales per week
  • Overall inventory ABC Pareto analysis – fast movers to slow movers
  • Obsolete stock lines
  • Out of stocks
  • Stock imbalances between locations requiring inter-site transfers
  • Total value of inventory.

These metrics can then be used to assemble a detailed supply chain map, which shows the time it takes for products to move through the supply chain along with the amount of product that is ‘at rest’. This will provide you with greater understanding of inventory deployment within your network, enabling you to identify challenges and streamline your supply chain.

LogiMap Visualisation delivers comprehensive supply chain maps that offer complete end-to-end inventory visibility for your organisation. Allowing you to track movements of product at all levels, LogiMap puts dynamic logistics management capabilities at our clients’ fingertips.

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