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Our Approach to Manufacturing

Organisations that pursue manufacturing as a part of their business have a special range of logistics issues that must be taken into consideration. These include questions around raw materials supply and storage, as well as the distribution of finished goods. The logistical challenges surrounding manufacturing require effective planning and management that is able to effectively integrate this side of the operation into the wider network.

Many of our clients are substantial national and international manufacturers as well as distributors of products. Using LogiMap, our powerful Logistics management software, we are able to identify and assess the unique challenges of manufacturing operations. This allows us to provide targeted consultancy to clients that can deliver boosts to efficiency and performance across their network.


What questions do we typically address?

  • Where are the best locations for manufacturing facilities?
  • How should the downstream distribution network be structured?
  • How much stock should be held close to production, rather than downstream in the supply chain?
  • How can production runs be balanced with storage and service?
  • How might a manufacturing process be better structured to avoid bottlenecks

Our Methods and Tools

In modelling, managing and optimising manufacturing operations, we utilise a full suite of advanced tools that provide total network visibility and configurability. Our logistics methodology considers every aspect of client networks, allowing us to deliver integrated solutions that offer least cost and best performance. Our approach includes the following elements:

  • Network design
  • Inventory analysis
  • Simulation
  • Operational planning

This combination of network modelling, inventory optimisation and simulation tools is provided by LogiMap, our innovative logistics management software. It provides a comprehensive and accessible service to clients, allowing you to gain full understanding of your network while helping us to implement improvements across your operation.

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