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Delivering High Performance Logistics Networks

Our aim is to deliver logistics networks that perform at the highest standards. In achieving this, we have developed market-leading web network planning tools that offer total control over your logistics performance. These tools are informed and supported by the specialist expertise gained through years of experience working with complex supply chains across multiple industries.

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The LogiMap Toolset is divided into four main components, each providing crucial insights into your logistics operation:

  1. Network Visualisation – View the most complex supply chains simply, any time, any where
  2. Network Performance – Monitor supply chain performance and display results graphically
  3. Network Planning – Predict future network volumes and dynamically compare against warehouse and transport capacities
  4. Network Optimisation – Determine least cost warehouse locations, transport routes and inventory deployment solutions for your network

Our web-based network tools offer unprecedented ease of use and place total network control in the hands of our users. Sign up for a FREE network visualisation today to see what LogiMap could do for your business.