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Our Approach to Transport Planning

Good transport planning is essential in any logistics network, and requires a meticulous management approach that is able to deal with the often complex nature of the discipline. Top level routings need to be interpreted into specific journey plans that identify the right vehicles, unit loads and equipment for the job.

To simplify the process of transport planning, Catalyst Logistics use dynamic, accessible simulation packages that deliver comprehensive visualisation and forecasting options. This allows us to identify improvements in changing networks and optimise performance for maximum efficiency.

transport routing and scheduling, mapping and process imulation used for transport vehicle logistics

What questions do we typically address?

  • What is the best way to route secondary transport out of a single distribution centre?
  • How should you route primary transport and inter-hub movements across your network?
  • What types of vehicle (unit/trailer) are appropriate for your volumes and product configurations?

Our Methods and Tools

In tracking complex transport networks, we utilise advanced tools and techniques that allow us to monitor performance and model alternative scenarios. This makes optimising networks simple and allows us to deliver real, noticeable benefits to our clients. Our tools include:

  • Transport routing and scheduling tools
  • Process simulation
  • Transport mapping
  • Analytical database

Our transport logistics tools are an integral part of LogiMap, our powerful logistics modelling software. This innovative simulation and planning system allows us to visualise all aspects of the routing, scheduling and mapping of transport networks. This means we can implement changes that bring dramatic improvements in performance, while also giving clients total control and understanding of their operation.

For more information about specific aspects of our transport planning consultancy service, visit the following pages:

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