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Our Approach to Warehouse Planning

Effective warehouse planning starts with establishing the purpose of individual distribution centres. By building an accurate profile of the type of product, service proposition and handling requirements at each warehouse, we can design physical storage mechanisms that save both time and money.

We take a comprehensive approach to warehouse planning that considers every aspect of the operation, with a strict focus on optimising processes for maximum efficiency.

Warehouse layout design and simulation and process simulation used for storage or warehousing logistics

 What questions do we typically address?

  • What types of storage will give you the best balance of space use and efficiency of access?
  • How should you lay out the warehouse?
  • What types of automation will give the best return on your investment?
  • Which is the best warehouse management system for your purposes?

Our Methods and Tools

We have a comprehensive range of tools and techniques informed by our vast experience and expertise within the logistics sector. Designed to address the multi-faceted nature of effective warehouse planning, these tools include:

  • Warehouse layout design and simulation
  • Process simulation
  • Analytical database

Warehousing simulation tools are an integral part of LogiMap, our powerful logistics simulation software. Delivering instant visualisation, planning and configuration options for clients, LogiMap is used by our consultants to optimise warehouse operations for maximum performance.

For more information about specific aspects of our warehouse planning consultancy service, visit the following pages:

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