Logistics Management Consultancy

Logistics is a major concern for many different functions within an organisation. Fields as diverse as Procurement, Finance and Sales will all have questions and concerns that will be directed toward the head of Logistics or Supply Chain. Any such question will require some kind of impact analysis against the current physical network of distribution centres, transport routes and inventory deployed in the field.

The potential questions from other departments are many and varied, as can be seen from the following diagram. For a more in-depth discussion of these questions, visit the Logistics Considerations page.

List of logistics questions from organisational functions

The logistics side of your business therefore has a major impact on how well your organisation operates as a whole. That’s why logistics management consultancy could work to transform your entire operation. By delivering improvements to performance and efficiency across your logistics network, targeted consultancy could lead to better customer service, dramatic cost savings and more effective general management.

Our LogiMap software delivers a week-by-week consultancy service, combining advanced visualisation, management and planning capabilities to facilitate continuing optimisation of your logistics operation. When used with the advice of our experienced team of logistics experts, LogiMap provides a range of solutions to common logistics issues.

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