Logistics Overview

Network Analysis Methodology for Logistics - NAML

In tackling logistics issues across client networks, Catalyst Logistics have developed a methodical approach that recognises the integrated nature of logistics operations. This approach, known as our Network Analysis Methodology for Logistics (NAML), has been at the heart at the heart of our consultancy business for many years. It has allowed us to assess complex logistical issues and implement effective solutions for clients in a range of sectors.

NAML is outlined below:

               Supply Chain optimisation

In keeping with our reputation for innovation and excellence, Catalyst Logistics have refined NAML into LogiMap, our powerful logistics modelling and management system. Combining the analytical insight of NAML with the accessibility and configurability of modern technology, LogiMap offers a host of capabilities to clients. This includes comprehensive visualisation, event planning and optimisation tools that allow clients to identify problems and implement solutions.


Used in conjunction with the advice of our specialist team, LogiMap can transform efficiency, capacity and cost across a network. Building on the success of NAML, LogiMap uses technological innovation to take logistics consultancy to the next level.

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