The Catalyst Team

Core Team

Jeremy Batchelor

Jeremy is Managing Director and the founding principal of Catalyst Logistics following a successful consulting career at Ernst & Young.  He has considerable experience in logistics spanning 20 years.  Jeremy has a Masters degree in Logistics and Distribution from Cranfield School of Management, the leading European centre of excellence in logistics and supply chain management for which he was awarded the Executive Graduate of the Year in 1997.  He has considerable experience in the selection and application of systems and advanced technologies in logistics and has authored several papers on the subject published in the CILT's journal, Logistics Focus, and various other publications.  Jeremy has a passion for sailing small boats and generally venturing into wild and woolly weather and cold water when those more sensible amongst us are pursuing warmer and more comfortable activities!!

Chris Clinton

Chris has joined the team to lead the development of LogiMap our logistics network modelling toolset.  He is a well qualified consultant developer with a degree in Engineering, Economics and Management from Oxford University and an MSc in Information Technology from de Montfort University as well as being a qualified Chartered Accountant.  On top of his exemplary academic career Chris has a wealth of experience in developing Microsoft .Net applications on which we base our leading logistics modelling tools. 

Roger Parkinson

Roger is a Principal Logistics Consultant with Catalyst building on a varied career in third party logistics and other logistics-intensive organisations.  He has particular expertise in logistics network planning and transport operations and exceptional analytical abilities in most areas of logistics operations and processes.  Roger throws himself into everything that he does including fishing, power boating and latterly kite flying which he claims is a step along the road to the lunatic sport of kite surfing!

Stephen Rice

Stephen is a long time colleague of ours, and a fellow Masters graduate in Logistics and Distribution Management at Cranfield School of Management.  Currently Stephen is working on leading edge 4PL operations in Oman for Petroleum Development Oman, a joint venture with Shell, and has been a good client for us out there.  We are looking forward to seeing a lot more of Stephen working with us when he returns to the UK in future.  In the meantime, we like to go out to Oman and help make use of all that sunshine every now and again!  As well as being a very keen sailor (Yacht Master and the works!) Stephen must be the fittest person we know – he is currently training for a Triathlon in Oman – as if the heat wasn’t enough already!

Jeff Woodhams

Jeff has recently joined the team as a planning and scheduling specialist.  He has a vast amount of experience in production and particularly lean manufacturing and has experience in a wide range of planning and scheduling tools in these environments.  Jeff also has much experience of inventory profiling and analysis and leads a team of specialists in this area.

Carole Atwell

Carole is the Marketing Manager for Catalyst Logistics.  She has been with Catalyst for over eight years now and presents the familiar and friendly face of Catalyst Logistics over the phone to our colleagues in the industry.  Carole now returns to Catalyst fresh from successfully completing her MBA – an amazing achievement on top of her already frenetic schedule – well done Carole!!

Ann Wright

Ann is the Consultancy Services Manager for Catalyst Logistics.  She has substantial retail, wholesale and public sector experience with companies including Newey & Eyre, Sears Group, Anderson Consulting and Hereford and Worcester county councils.  Ann’s background is in information systems and has particular expertise in delivering executive information and decision support systems to Executive management teams in the major organisations in which she has worked.  Ann now keeps our consulting administration and financial management processes in order as well as contributing her own consultancy expertise.


In addition to our strong core team we have a well established network of circa 20 associate logistics consultants.  These are highly experienced and qualified logistics consultants whom we have worked with on previous occasions.  They typically come from backgrounds such as Big 5 consultancies, blue chip logistics-intensive organisations or business schools such as our own favourite, Cranfield School of Management and particularly the Centre for Logistics and Transportation at Cranfield.