The science of Logistics

In the complex world of logistics, it’s essential to take advantage of any innovation that can improve efficiency and drive down costs. A new generation of technology offers just such an opportunity. With advanced modelling and optimisation solutions now accessible over the web or on standard computer systems, clients can instantly manage their networks anywhere, anytime.

Catalyst Logistics have consistently placed innovation at the heart of our consultancy business. By following the principles of operations research and incorporating the latest I.T. advances into our work, we have developed new techniques and methods that have delivered immense value to our clients. Our well-established Network Analysis Methodology for Logistics (NAML), which integrates sophisticated simulation, mapping and database toolsets, is a result of the innovative approach that has driven our business forward.

Our latest technology is LogiMap, a powerful, user-friendly logistics modelling toolset that revolutionises how networks are managed. Designed for both local installations and as an online web application, LogiMap uses cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to model networks of warehouse locations, transport links and inventory deployment.

This state-of-the-art product delivers a range of options for comprehensive modelling, planning and optimisation, including:

  • Simulation and evaluation of multiple network scenarios
  • Full costing of each scenario for comparison
  • Configurable mapping tools for maximum client control

Take advantage of a FREE network visualisation today and see how LogiMap could transform your network. Discover the science of logistics – call 01827 370000 for more information.