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Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Our LogiMap software offers three main ways of monitoring and managing inventory in a facility. Firstly, inventory levels at all storage locations in a network can be imported and monitored using the LogiMap Visualisation module. Then you can display inventory levels and calculated stock cover at any location using LogiMap Performance, filtering the results using a range of criteria. Finally, you can determine the most effective deployment of products across your network with the LogiMap Optimisation module.

Here’s a breakdown of what each module offers:

Inventory Visibility through LogiMap Visualisation

Allows you to import details of storage locations and inventory balances by product, generating inventory levels that can be viewed through the online mapping display and the Query Builder tool. Details can be imported with any frequency, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Inventory Analysis through LogiMap Performance

Brings together shipment history and inventory by location to calculate stock cover by product and location. Also generates an end-to-end supply chain view of each product’s stock holding, allowing you to identify inventory requirements across the network.

Inventory Deployment through LogiMap Optimisation

Calculating the ideal deployment of inventory by storage location is a key element of network optimisation. By organising individual products into logistically similar product groups and establishing effective rules for where these product groups should be stocked, you can achieve the least cost network outcome. These product groups are determined by criteria including speed of movement, handling requirements, weight and value.

Inventory deployment rules can also be re-evaluated at regular intervals to ensure that stock is always deployed in the most effective locations. This is especially useful for products that change seasonally.

Using LogiMap for Total Warehouse Inventory Management Performance

When these three modules are used in conjunction, they deliver complete visibility and control over your logistics operation, allowing you to track activity and implement improvements across the network.

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