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Multi-modal Transport Management

What is Multi-Modal Transport?

‘Multi-modal transport’ refers to when more than one mode of transport is used in a supply chain. A multi-modal transport system may involve road, rail, sea and air freight modes at different points across the network.

This type of transport network may be further classified as:

  • Multi-modal – Multiple transport modes are used across the supply chain and goods are transferred between modes during their journey
  • Inter-modal – Found with container transport, where the goods remain unhandled but the container moves between transport modes
  • Co-modal – A term coined by the EU meaning the use of more than one transport mode to deliver the must sustainable overall result.

What Are The Benefits of Multi-Modal Transport Optimisation?

If you’re operation utilises different transport modes to move goods, it is in your interest to design a multi-modal network that combines performance with value. The same applies if you’re considering implementing a multi-modal system. In both cases, the following questions should be addressed:

  • What combination of transport modes delivers the cheapest overall network solution?
  • Which are the feasible combinations of transport mode given the demand and supply points?
  • Should we consider a port-centric distribution strategy?
  • What combinations of transport mode will deliver the most sustainable overall solution?

Clearly, there are advantages to using cheaper modes of transport such as rail or sea, if feasible. Whether you can use these cheaper modes will depend on several factors. Do you have access to ports and terminals? Are you moving sufficient product bulk or volume to create large enough shipments? What are the lead time requirements?

Implementing a lower carbon supply chain can also be an incentive for considering multiple transport modes. Providing there is a sufficient volume of product, a multi-modal transport solution can drive down costs while lowering carbon usage.

Multi-Modal Transport Solutions Using LogiMap

LogiMap offers several capabilities for multi-modal transport optimisation and implementation. The LogiMap Visualisation module allows you to view different transport modes and assess how they work together across your supply chain. LogiMap Optimisation can then be used to model various multi-modal transport solutions and identify costs through its customisable algorithms. This means you can easily identify the right transport solution for your business.

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