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Secondary Transport Management

What is Secondary Transport?

Secondary transport movements typically involve lower volume movements from an organisation’s delivery warehouses to its customers. They will often be multi-drop deliveries, either going to regular fixed locations as is the case with retail store deliveries, or to locations that vary every day. As a key element of many logistics networks, secondary transport movements offer several opportunities for improvement and optimisation.

How Does Secondary Transport Optimisation Work?

When optimising secondary transport routes, we typically take the following factors into account:

  • Customer locations
  • Vehicle capacities and availability
  • Driver availability
  • Access restrictions e.g. maximum vehicle size
  • Time windows during which a delivery may take place
  • Special handling e.g. vehicle mounted fork lift or tail lift
  • Driver’s hours restrictions including needs for overnight breaks on long runs.

By assessing every aspect of your secondary transport movements, we are able to identify opportunities for greater efficiency and can help you to implement these solutions in a way which will save your organisation both time and money.

LogiMap and Secondary Transport Management

Our powerful LogiMap software offers a range of tools for clients looking to take control of their secondary transport management. The LogiMap Visualisation module delivers comprehensive graphical views of individual deliveries to customers over a given time period. It can also be used as a near real-time means of viewing required deliveries and load sharing opportunities, enhancing your understanding of your network.

LogiMap Optimisation can then be used to fine tune your secondary transport movements in a way which benefits your entire operation. By taking full account of customer delivery points and volumes, LogiMap helps you to determine the most effective warehouse locations, primary routing structures and inventory deployment rules.

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